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We are able to provide detailed in-office consultation before we begin working with your practice. It’s important for us to see where you are currently, before we can help you get to where you want and need to be. Contact us today to schedule your  in-office consultation:

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Mosaic offers hands-on, customized dental consulting for general practices and specialties:

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When you choose to work with Mosaic Management Professionals for your practice consultants, you’re choosing years of dental experience combined with the very highest level of integrity. Our consultants develop a strong relationship with you and your staff and care deeply about your success.

Meet the Team

I have worked with Pat and Anne from Mosaic for the past 9 months during the construction of my new Prosthodontic practice. Pat was an invaluable resource and a great counselor. She uses her relationships with vendors to ensure that I get the best quality at a reasonable price. Ultimately, my project was completed ahead of schedule and under budget. She also helped me find my staff and set up many of the logistical protocols in my office. Overall, great experience and would recommend Mosaic to anyone setting up a new office.
Dr. Bryan Limmer

Very helpful! If you are looking to start a practice and need help getting it done; look no further than Mosaic Management. The ladies at Mosaic genuinely care about not only your practice and it being successful, but they genuinely care about you as well. I very highly recommend Mosaic and wouldn’t try to start a practice without their help.
Dr. “Jet” Trahan

I am writing this letter to express my complete satisfaction with the consulting services Mosaic Management Professionals are providing for my new practice start up. Pat and Anne have clearly distinguish themselves a specialist in business consulting for dental professionals. Their experience and knowledge in this specific niche of consulting has been apparent throughout our relationship. The challenges of starting a new dental practice are overwhelming. The process requires the integration of a number of aspects of business management, many of which I quickly learned I was not adequately prepared for. Involving individuals who are experienced and knowledgeable about starting new dental practices in my local economy made the process much more efficient, helped me to avoid costly pitfalls, and has been one of the best investments I have made.
Dr. Robb Corr

Mosaic consulting has gone above and beyond with their help in improving my office management, goals, and growth. Mosaic helped with everything from staff management, systems and protocols, to marketing. We ended up making many changes, several that were long due where they gave me the support needed to get it done. The switches and training needed, overall, were a breeze because of the help Pat provided. With her help we developed an office atmosphere that staff, myself, but most of all, patients love. She was/and still is there at one “send” of a text or email, but phone calls as well. She has helped greatly with improving our systems and what should be expected of staff (and myself as well) to make sure we have a well running office.
Dr. Timothy C. Hardy

My front desk walked out on me, I called Ann and Pat in a fluster and they came to my rescue first thing the next morning. They taught my assistant and I how to take care of the front desk work and helped me hire the new team member. Thanks Mosaic!
Dr. Dawn Wehking

I have worked with Pat form Mosaic for my start up after graduation from my residency. She has been the best asset to my practice and has always been there when I needed her. She has always answered her phone and made herself available for me. She has been very honest and does not hold back telling you her professional opinion. The company has handled my start up in OH very well and I would recommend Mosaic professionals to ANY doctor looking for advice on an existing practice or a new start-up!
Dr. Amin Mason

Pat Rosenzweig and Mosaic Management — top notch! I could not have built a successful orthodontic practice without her expertise and mentorship. From the moment I decided to open my own practice, Pat kept me on a realistic budget, implemented our office systems, and encouraged growth and productivity after our doors opened in late 2009. I would never consider opening a practice without a consulting partner, and Mosaic Management is the best!
Dr Amy Schulte – Belmar Orthodontics

I highly recommend Mosaic to anyone who is considering starting a new dental practice. I interviewed 4 different consultants before deciding to go with Mosaic, and I have not once regretted my decision. I know I can always count on Pat to give me good advice and to fix any problems I encounter. She has helped me resolve numerous issues that I never would have been able to take care of myself. She has lots of experience and knows exactly how to get things done in the dental world. I can’t say enough about how grateful I am for all she has done.
Dr. Jared Ward – Ward Orthodontics

Pat Rosenzweig has been involved in managing and consulting dental offices for many years. Her expertise and dedication in helping our office through transitions has been nothing short of exceptional. She is a true professional. Her no nonsense style is just what an office like ours needed.
Christopher McConnell DDS

I have to say that Anne Schnur and Mosaic Consulting are amazing!!! I would recommend their services to any dentist looking to open a scratch start or that needs a little boost in production. I first heard about Mosaic from my friend who opened up his office. He went on and on about how great the treatment he received was and how efficient Anne was, and now here I am doing the same thing. Anne guided me through every part of the process and helped me feel at ease, which let’s be honest is saying a lot as you are setting up an office from scratch. Frightening questions are handled with the calm assurance that make these services invaluable. I know without a shadow of a doubt that I saved a tremendous amount of money and sleepless nights because I had Mosaic to help me set up shop. Anne is a frank no-nonsense manager of these projects and helps to get the job done. She was always there to make sure every part of my build out and marketing was done to exactness. I worked full-time and couldn’t have done what she made time for; I would recommend Anne and Mosaic to anyone.
Dr. Robert Berry