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Dental Consulting for Orthodontists

While many companies advertise orthodontic consulting, Mosaic has been told many, many times that we are by far the experts! Our orthodontic consultants have extensive experience in setting up orthodontic practices and systems and a thorough knowledge of orthodontics and orthodontic software systems. We are proud to have what we consider to be one of the most highly developed orthodontic consulting departments in the country. We have set up multiple new orthodontic practices and have helped create order and systems in many existing practices.

Systems in an orthodontic practice are unique to the dental community. In orthodontics you need to be able to establish payment plans for each and every patient, as well as help them to coordinate their insurance benefits and flex dollars into a treatment that may last for two years or more.  You may also need to assist them as they consider the full cost of Phase I and Phase II treatment when that is necessary.  You see your orthodontic patients for a limited time frame (as opposed to the many lifelong patients in a family practice) and must work extra hard to be sure you also see their siblings, cousins and friends. You need to get your scheduling template down to an exact science so the 3PM rush doesn’t become the 4PM chaos, while also being sure you accommodate every patient and parent to their satisfaction. Even collections are different in orthodontics.

Mosaic’s experienced orthodontic consultants will work with you and your treatment coordinator on case presentation and case closing to help guarantee that every initial exam leads to treatment in YOUR orthodontic practice. We also work with you on orthodontic-specific marketing and optimization of insurance plans.  You can miss a lot of production if you ask too little from an insurance patient because your staff fears insurance rather than understanding its limits.

Here at Mosaic Management Professionals, we love orthodontics as much as you do, and we would love an opportunity to help you make your orthodontic practice as successful as it should be.

At an orthodontic software meeting where Mosaic was speaking, we were asked by an orthodontist if we thought it was a problem that his outstanding AR was 12 times his monthly production.  His staff kept assuring him that this was perfectly normal in an orthodontic office. Once our resident “ortho geek” was able to pick herself up off the floor, we explained what actual outstanding AR should look like. These are the kinds of questions we can answer.

Call or email us to schedule a complimentary practice analysis from an orthodontic expert (travel charges may apply for practices outside of CO) and discuss ways we can work with you to bring your practice to a higher level or help you transition or open your own office.