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Opening a New Dental Practice

Dental schools and residency programs spend little or no time teaching the “ins” and “outs” of setting up a new practice; there just isn’t enough time!

Opening a new dental practice is one of the most important decisions a doctor can make; it is also one of the most expensive. Without guidance from someone who already knows the way, it can be an even more expensive proposition.

Mosaic Management Professionals implements the following:

  • Financing – Steer you in the direction of the financial institution that will meet your projects needs
  • Budget – We help you get in the doors with a reasonable budget and then teach you how to add business manager to your title along with clinician.
  • Location (Space) – Demographics
  • Architect/Design – Assist with smooth office flow
  • Equipment/IT –
  • Marketing – What kind of marketing is going to be the most effective in your area
  • Staff Hiring/Training – Initial interviews, training staff on systems
  • Systems – set up and implement systems with your staff
  • Growth – When do you add another staff member, another chair, etc. Set up long term as well as short tem goals.
  • Exit Strategy – How and when do you retire or have enough in your retirement account to make that choice.

Here at Mosaic we take pride in sending new dentists into the field with all the tools and training to run a successful business and give their patients a high end experience. Mosaic Management Professionals is always happy to discuss plans and feasibility with a potential new practice owner….call or email us to get the process started.