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Additional Services


Whatever your specialty or location, Mosaic can do the writing to get the best individualized results from your website, Facebook page, blog and marketing pieces. We know some doctors feel this is already complete in their practice, but a website that hasn’t been updated for years and a Facebook page and blog that get a post once every couple of months are actually hindrances rather than assets. Keeping your website fresh and your Facebook page updated are continuous, vital jobs. Mosaic has experienced staff with BA degrees and concentrations in technical writing to handle these jobs for you. We can take the stress of writing (especially for your blog) off your shoulders and add essential attraction to your social media presence. Call us at 303-660-0605 for pricing and details.

  • Facebook: Adding regular insightful posts
  • Blog: Adding regular entries on topics that are educational and interesting
  • Marketing: Creating marketing copy that will draw in quality new patients
  • Website: Creating and/or re-creating pages that will use key words to attract Google users and keep your site fresh and vibrant


Mosaic has fully trained consultants who can oversee the running of your office(s) in a way that no “in house” office manager is able to accomplish. Our staff have all been active in dental office management and have valuable real world experience. We review your reports, day sheets and staff performance to be sure you are going in the right direction and are not leaving large amounts of production (and dollars) on the table. Call us at 303-660-0605 for pricing and details.

Review End of Day Reports:

  • Production: Was production coded accurately?
  • Collections: Was the correct co-pay collected from the patients?
  • Insurance: Was all insurance accurately filed?
  • Tomorrow: Is all insurance information verified and properly entered for the next day?
  • Next week: Is the schedule full the next day….and the day after that?

Review End of Month reports:

  • AR: Production and collections and the collection percentage
  • Patient Accounts: Outstanding patient balances needing attention
  • Insurance: Outstanding claims requiring attention
  • New Patients: How many did we get for the month and is that number where we want it?
  • Referrals: Tracking referrals to use marketing to its optimum advantage
  • Recalls: Keeping current patients in the office

From the above reviews and reports, we can generate a complete report regarding the health of your practice…the good, the not-so-good and the genuine problem areas. Catching trends in a timely manner makes it much easier to reward staff in order to encourage the good, coach them to improve the not-so-good and put a stop to the problems. Catching both small and larger issues right when they happen can keep them from developing into bigger problems that could start effecting your bottom line.