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Dental Consulting for Specialists

Our consultants have broad-based experience with endodontic and periodontal practices and their systems and specific software programs. We understand the challenges faced by modern endodontic and periodontal practices and are skilled at creating scheduling, financing and dental marketing solutions that work in today’s economy.

Mosaic knows the right ways for endodontic and periodontic specialists to create “the buzz” about their practices to attract referrals. We also know how to hire and train staff members who are suited to the demanding schedules and systems needed to grow and maintain these specialties.

Insurances and collections in endodontic and periodontal practices are also unique. Most of your patients will see you for one or two visits meaning that co-pays absolutely must be determined and collected at those visits. This is a challenge for your front desk staff and frequently requires a great deal of assistance with verbiage and body language. This is especially true because so many patients are already very uncomfortable with dental issues when they arrive. Teaching staff to administer ample TLC while still getting the job done takes work and patience–strong points of our Mosaic consultants.

One of Mosaic’s endodontic clients was so pleased with us that HE ASKED US if we’d like him to write us a letter of recommendation. It doesn’t get much better than that for a consultant!

Call or email us to schedule a complimentary practice analysis from a specialty dental consultant (travel charges may apply for practices outside of CO) and discuss ways we can work with you to bring your practice to a higher level, or help you open or transition your own endodontic or periodontal practice.