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Business Training For Dentists

  • Can you read, understand and interpret your monthly profit and loss statement?
  • Are you able to intelligently discuss your financial plan with your accountant?
  • Can you tell when you need to add more equipment and/or more staff?
  • Do you understand how to run a successful dental office?
  • Do you have a plan for the office and staff management?
  • Have you ever hired, disciplined or terminated an employee?

Dentists wear two hats when they own a practice, the clinical hat and the small business owner hat. Dentists learn the clinical portion of the practice in school, but rarely do they have to opportunity to learn the small business owner portion; yet both are equally important to the success of the practice. We have skilled dental consultants who are experts in all of the above areas…. call or email us today to discuss getting one of them into your office