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Consulting for Pediatric Dentists

We at Mosaic know that pediatric practices are not just child-size versions of general offices. All our pediatric consultants are skilled at working with pediatric dentists and their staff to create the warm, inviting “dental homes” children and their parents need to enjoy and accept dentistry.

Pediatric dentistry has come a long way over the years as more and more parents see the value in bringing their most precious possessions to an office that specializes in children. Mosaic has worked with a number of excellent pediatric practices and is aware of all the new developments and advances in the field. From pedo partials to advances in laser technology, we can help you set up or improve your practice. Scheduling in pediatric offices gets more complicated when sedations, school and activities are rolled into the mix, as well as mom and dad’s work schedules.

Insurances for pediatric dentistry require special training above and beyond the GP office.  Pediatric systems need to accommodate daily emergency referrals that result from GPs that have exhausted all their non-traumatic options.  Pediatric offices need a very special type of doctor and staff who are trained to have infinite patience mixed with just enough firmness to get the job done. Mosaic’s professional consultants are practiced in the art of finding and training these special staff members.

One of our pediatric dentists needed to be out of the country for a family emergency for the first two weeks the practice was open. Mosaic had the staff trained and the office ready to go so he was able to walk in his first day back and start seeing patients. These are the kinds of things you can expect from Mosaic Management Professionals.

Call or email us to schedule a complimentary practice analysis from a pediatric dental expert (travel charges may apply for practices outside of CO) and discuss ways we can work with you to bring your practice to a higher level, or help you open or transition your own unique practice.