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Dental Presentation Topics

Let’s Talk!–Informational Presentations by Mosaic for Dental Practice Success

We love to share information with groups, clubs and dental offices.  Below you will find the main topics of the different presentations we offer along with a short description of what we cover during the presentation.  We invite you to look over the presentation possibilities and contact us at (303) 660-0605 to schedule a time for us to meet with your group.  We charge a minimal fee for time and travel, but we keep it very reasonable, as these are fun meetings for us as well!

Taming the AR Monster

One of the many areas Mosaic Management Professionals look at when evaluating a dental office is the outstanding accounts receivables.  We are often amazed at how large and out of control this monster has become in the offices we consult.  Out of control “AR” is one of the most common complaints we hear from doctors, and it’s also one of the most difficult and time consuming areas to correct. This informational presentation will give you the tools you need to conquer the AR monster once and for all.

Marketing in the Digital Age:  Layers of the Marketing Cake

What does marketing have to do with baking? Probably a great deal more than you realize! One of the most common areas of assistance we find clients requesting is help with marketing. This is a multi-layered request with a different plan/recipe required for every dental practice.  Learn how your office can start baking the best “recipe” for your practice to yield the results you crave.

Case Acceptance: “Was it Something I Said?”

Case acceptance is possibly the most crucial factor in the success or failure of a dental practice.   You can do all sorts of exceptional dental marketing to get patients in the door, but if you’re not “selling” them on dental treatment you’ve wasted your time and your marketing dollars. This presentation will teach you techniques to help patients understand why going forward with treatment is the thing to do.

Hiring and Retention

Staff hiring and retention are two of the major lynchpins of a successful office, but they’re also frequently the two most neglected.  This presentation will first look at hiring do’s and don’ts, and then we’ll tackle retention by discussing some recent case studies and offering some tried and true strategies for practice management.

“But Doctor, I Don’t Like Asking for Money!”

Mosaic Management Professionals frequently have the experience of sitting in a dentist’s waiting room and hearing an all too familiar exchange between a patient and the receptionist. Mrs. Smith has just come out of the operatory and, after scheduling her next appointment, the receptionist very politely asks her for the fee due for work done that day.  To which Mrs. Smith replies, “My husband pays the bills.  Please send us a statement.” At this point, as we wait expectantly for the receptionist’s response, we’re stunned when we hear “Okay, see you next visit” and Mrs. Smith leaves. “See you next visit?” The doctor has just completed hundreds (possibly thousands) of dollars’ worth of dental work and the recipient of this service is walking out of the door without paying a penny? This presentation will address this all-too-common scenario and offer alternative approaches, dialogues, and helpful policies to improve your practice management and overall collections.

All Those Excellent Reports–Do You Even Look at Them?

One of the most important areas we discuss when evaluating dental software is the reports feature.  Essentially, we want to know:

  1. If the dental software runs adequate reports;
  2. If it gives you all the reports you need; and
  3. Is software “A” worth more than software “B” based on the quality of its reports.

Once you have the answers to these questions, you can better determine your software purchases for your needs.  And we know that every dentist everywhere is diligently poring over daily, weekly, monthly and yearly reports, right? Are you laughing yet, doctor? This Mosaic presentation will address what you have and what you really need.

Healthy Systems in the Dental Office

Whether you’re opening a new dental practice or have been working in the same space for 20 years, the systems you have in place are the backbone of your dental practice. While good, solid systems are important in every business, they’re paramount in dental offices. It’s much too easy for appointments, collections, insurances, scheduling issues, referral maintenance and overhead to slip through the cracks while you’re dealing with the day-to-day patient load.  Learn more about the systems you have and what is currently available to make sure you are leveraging the best for your dental practice needs.

The Myth of Staff Retention

Mosaic Management Professionals often hear from dentists that losing good staff is inevitable; dental assistants, hygienists and desk staff just seem to change jobs frequently. It’s become accepted as doctors discuss this issue that no one’s at fault for all these staffing changes; it’s just the nature of the profession. But how do we explain offices where staff does not move on? Offices that retain the same staff members right to retirement? Are these offices the beneficiaries of a lucky fluke or do they know something all doctors should know?  Learn how you too can stop the constant flux of employee turnover and reap the benefits of a steady staff base.

10 Questions to a Great Interview (Short presentation designed for study groups.)

While we all know that hiring a new employee is right up there with getting a root canal (with apologies to all our endodontic friends), it is a necessary part of running a business. Most doctors and office managers are fine with placing an appropriate advertisement and taking the initial call, but what do we do when we’re sitting face to face with the interviewee? Mosaic Management Professionals will walk you through the questions you should be asking (and reasking)  to ensure that you get the kind of employee that you want and need.

Fireside Chat

Mosaic Management Professionals includes “Fireside Chat” in our meeting topics, but this is a much more interactive presentation designed for smaller groups.  After presenting on a certain topic, we have found that every doctor had one or two questions he or she would love to ask a consultant.  In this setting we “pull up a chair” with the participants and answer all those questions you’ve been wanting to ask as well as many more that come to mind as the evening progresses. This meeting has been so enthralling, we’ve even had a doc forget it was time to leave and pick up the kids!

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An In-Office Consultation and/or group presentations are the key to unlocking your practice potential.  In one sitting you will receive a huge amount of valuable information, in a format that is easy to understand and immediately useful to you. This is the first step to improve your practice productivity. Call us today at (303) 660-0605  to schedule a visit from Mosaic Management Professionals. Together we can make a difference in your practice success.