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General Dentistry Consulting

Often dentists who have been in practice for many, or even just a few, years find themselves wondering if they could be doing things better and more efficiently. They want to be producing more, working “smarter not harder” and just generally having more time for their families while maintaining a healthy dental practice. Over the years, many general/family dental practices have seen their bottom line flat line or decrease and cannot figure out why this is happening or how to fix the problem. What worked well five, ten or even 15 years ago, may now be causing a stagnation or decrease in office revenue and an expensive “revolving door” staff turnover.

Mosaic Management Professionals’ consultants will meet with you and your staff, observe your dental practice in action, and analyze your numbers to help locate the issues that are holding you back. Our highly-skilled dental practice consultants provide the training to take your current practice to the next level or to transition or open your own practice.

Mosaic will evaluate all areas of the dental practice and offer usable solutions to bring your profit margin back up to where it should be. We begin with looking at how the practice functions. Is it a warm, welcoming environment, or do patients feel like they should “take a number” and have a seat? From the initial call, to the recall, to the care call, we have a plan to make every patient feel valued and have a desire to stay with your great practice. We also look at dental marketing, insurance participation, treatment presentation, staff training and office amenities to find the cracks that are letting production slip away. We can help you repair those cracks and get the practice moving forward successfully.

Mosaic went into a dental office a couple of years ago where the general practitioner felt he had everything under control and just needed a little help with hiring.  After looking around, running reports and asking questions, we discovered he had no one in charge of patient recall (everyone thought someone else was doing it).  In fact, he had not been using any sort of patient recall system for over a year when the lady who was in charge of it left the dental practice. These are the kinds of things Mosaic Management Professionals catch!

Call or email us to schedule a complimentary practice analysis (travel charges may apply for practices outside of CO) and discuss ways we can work with you to bring your dental practice to a higher level, or help you open the practice you have wanted since graduating from dental school.