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Ortho / Pedo Dual Specialties

Mosaic Management Professionals has the distinction of being a true expert in blending pediatric and orthodontic practices and working with dual-trained specialists. Mosaic has the systems, forms, experience and skills to set up and update dual-specialty practices.  One of our clients has referred to us as “magicians” in tricking the software to accommodate the unique requirements of an ortho/pedo practice.

While there are only 200+ dual-trained ortho/pedo specialists in the country, there are many orthodontic and pediatric doctors who are combining resources into great “dental homes” for kids and their parents.  At Mosaic, we have had the pleasure of working very successfully with both dual-trained specialists and blended practices.

There are unique software, x-ray and scheduling issues for an ortho/pedo practice that you don’t find in any other dental office. Your systems and schedules require strong training in insurance and a greater ability to balance your schedule with the parents’ time.  Ortho/pedo offices also have to understand the important principle of timeliness when offering treatment to a patient. You need to know when and how to correctly refer a child for an ortho exam to maintain the full confidence of the parent and patient.

Call or email us to schedule a complimentary practice analysis from an ortho/pedo expert (travel charges may apply for practices outside of CO) and discuss ways we can work with you to bring your practice to a higher level, or help you open your dream practice.