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May 4


I have been in dentistry for longer than I care to admit and I see some of the same mistakes made over and over. One of the most prevalent is what happens when there is staff change over. When a Hygienist or Assistant leave you hire a new employee, they are under the direct supervision […]

Dec 11

What’s Your Number??

No we are not talking about when you are sleeping we are talking about the most important benchmark of your practice. Much has been written about the important #’s that indicate you have a healthy practice. We have written quite a few of those articles. Over the years I have added another # to the […]

Dec 2

Charging UCR for Non Covered Services

In Colorado dental practices can now charge their UCR fees for non covered services. As a point of reference this means “Never, Ever” will the procedure be covered. Many times implants are not covered, then you may charge UCR fees. We often see posterior resins are downgraded to amalgams, you may not charge full fees […]

Aug 1

SB190 What Does it Mean to YOU

Colorado Legislation SB190 was signed into law in April, and becomes effective August 9, 2017. “SB 190 prohibits dental plans from setting fees for services that are not ever covered by a patient’s specific plan.” What does this mean for your practice, when a procedure is “not a covered benefit” this will allow the practice […]