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Dec 2

Charging UCR for Non Covered Services

In Colorado dental practices can now charge their UCR fees for non covered services. As a point of reference this means “Never, Ever” will the procedure be covered. Many times implants are not covered, then you may charge UCR fees. We often see posterior resins are downgraded to amalgams, you may not charge full fees for the filling, fillings do not meet the never ever rule, they will be covered if you do them with amalgam. However, you are allowed to collect the difference between the amalgam and resin charges from the patients.
I have been credentialing several new dentist the past several months and I am seeing clauses in the contracts that ask if the Dr. will be charging full fee for non covered expenses. They actually want the practice to check the appropriate box, I have not seen a consequence for checking the box that the practice will charge UCR fees, but I think that we may start seeing a note in the directory next to practices that will not charge the higher fees. Time will tell. Pay attention to your contracts and know what you are signing.


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