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Jul 26

Are You Ready for EHR?

As the deadline for all dental offices using EHR (electronic health records) gets closer, many practices still using paper charts are seriously wondering how they’re going to pay for this massive upgrade. While the process of conversion can be very simple  (our consultants can teach you how), the expense of computers and all they systems […]

Mar 26

Nine Keys to Increasing Direct Mail Performance

Direct mail is still the most powerful form of marketing for building and growing your dental practice. The ability to shape, manage and test your campaign is what makes direct mail such an effective marketing tool. Here are nine keys that are common to most winning direct mail campaigns. Integrate these tips into your program […]

Mar 26

NEWS – Dr. Jason Cowden Opens New Office in Rio Rancho, NM

Congratulations Dr. Jason Cowden on opening your new office! Cowden Family Dental Dr. Jason Cowden 7800 Carr Way, Suite 105 Rio Rancho, New Mexico 87144 505-273-3080

Mar 25

Plan for Monthly Staff Meeting

PRE-PLANNING FOR THE MEETING   Set and post the date of the meeting well in advance-be clear the entire team needs to attend. Designate a staff member to order lunch (if meeting is at lunch time) and to take responsibility for prompt delivery. Staff meetings should not start late unless patient demands force a late […]