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Jul 26

Training for Treatment Acceptance

One of your major assets in treatment acceptance lies in the presentation skills of your front desk. You’ll tell the patient what they need to have done, but they’ll still leave your exam area with a lot of questions they were too nervous to ask ……..or just plain didn’t think about till they got to […]

Jul 26

The Pride Conundrum

My grandmother was fond of an old quote that said “pride comes before a fall.” She used it often and I really don’t think I ever gave it much thought back then. Recently however, I’m seeing over and over again, how misplaced pride (and fear of looking less that knowledgeable), can really hurt a practice. […]

Jul 26

Summer Social Media Posting

Its summer and all sorts of interesting things are happening! Staff members and patients are going on fun vacations, kids are graduating, patients and staff members are getting married…….but you’d never know it looking at our Facebook posts! Yes, the summer is an incredibly busy time….especially in orthodontic and pediatric offices, but it’s also a […]

Jul 26

Could someone please answer the phone?

If you’re the parent of a teen or tween you find yourself saying constantly “Could someone please answer the phone!?” It’s a pretty normal occurrence in our homes, but it should never, ever happen in our offices. Lately we’ve been noticing that way too many staff members seem to think ignoring the phones is just […]