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Aug 6


  As so many of you know, we here at Mosaic are always trying to help our clients balance cost vs new technology. We love all the new technology, but every practice needs to stick to a budget. Because we do tend to be so frugal, it’s going to surprise many of our ortho and […]

Aug 6


  You’re definitely hearing the phones ringing, so you know the calls are coming in, but the chairs aren’t as full as you’d expect from all that ringing. In addition, the patients you do see, don’t seem to be coming back for work or even six month checkups. What’s going on at the front desk? […]

Aug 6

Rising to the level of ….WHAT???

When it comes to replacing an open position in our office, the last thing many of us want to consider is adding a new person…and as such, a new dynamic to the office. We’re even more reluctant to add a new dynamic in a key role such as office manager or treatment coordinator. Because of […]

Jan 21

End of Year

Yippee another year is over and we are ready to start a fresh one. Your front desk has been running end of the year reports so you now have a one inch stack of paper on your desk, which you immediately put into your file cabinet also known as the black hole. Instead of “filing” […]