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Aug 6



As so many of you know, we here at Mosaic are always trying to help our clients balance cost vs new technology. We love all the new technology, but every practice needs to stick to a budget. Because we do tend to be so frugal, it’s going to surprise many of our ortho and pedo/ortho practices that we’re suggesting you make a very large purchase as soon as possible. There is currently an amazing new wave of the digital revolution rolling through Orthodontic and Pediatric/Orthodontic offices, and anyone who isn’t yet on board, should really consider making the leap.

Whether your favorite is Lythos, iTero, True Definition, or any of the many other scanners that will be coming, the thought that you can now get through the toughest part of ortho….just ask any kid whose been there….without the mess, fussing and gaging is amazing and wonderful. I will admit I’ve only seen one of these in action (iTero), but have heard great reviews from doctors who’ve invested in the others as well.

The marketing advantage to digitally scanned impressions is really beyond measure, but it will seriously outrun the advantage of any other digital technology that came previously. Understand, I don’t believe a word of the hype about the money you’ll save on impression material…..and that still doesn’t matter. Kids are thrilled, moms and dads are fascinated, and the entire community is hearing you have this awesome new technology. There’s no doubt they are pricey, but this is something you will want to jump onto as soon as you can. You just can’t afford to be left behind on this one.


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