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Jul 26

Summer Social Media Posting

Its summer and all sorts of interesting things are happening! Staff members and patients are going on fun vacations, kids are graduating, patients and staff members are getting married…….but you’d never know it looking at our Facebook posts! Yes, the summer is an incredibly busy time….especially in orthodontic and pediatric offices, but it’s also a wonderful time to get material to post on Facebook. I know everyone feels like they just don’t have the time right now, but in the fall, when you have more time than you know what to do with, you’ll have missed some great opportunities.

Posting on Facebook and blogging on your websites are both cumulative and progressive endeavors.  One or two posts or blogs when you’re bored will do absolutely nothing to get your social media marketing where it needs to be. By the time fall rolls around, all these great posting opportunities will be gone and you will have done nothing to build your social base ……which can really boost your  patient numbers. Certainly you can begin your efforts then, but you’ve wasted all this valuable time. Let’s all get posting about summer activities, creating summer contests and generally preparing the basis for great fall production. Keep the social media ball rolling because it doesn’t keep rolling on its own!


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