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Apr 18

How to Escape your Comfort Zone

Back when I first started working in a dental office, I’m very sure I was no big prize for the office. Aside from needing to learn my way around dental terminology, I also needed to learn to deal with boundaries for patient appointments, to present treatment, to handle unreasonable patients and to ask for money […]

Apr 12

Some More Changes Coming

For all our ortho friends out there, we recently heard about a new wrinkle developing in some Flexible Spending Plans and Health Savings Accounts. We wanted you to have some time to think about this before you get hit with a question in a consult, or worse yet, start treatment only to find out the […]

Apr 6

Please Shop at Home!

While the discussion in this article is a subject we constantly mention in all our offices, it really has been time we revisit the question of allowing staff members to use office computers for personal business. We even need to discuss whether doctors should do any personal business on the office computers. If you even […]

Mar 29


We recently had a potential client with an established practice ask us to help her understand what it is that Mosaic actually does to improve the running of the practice. Her concerns were not so much about how to improve production, (although she wouldn’t mind that happening) but rather how to help the staff work […]