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Nov 1

Thanksgiving, Christmas and…..Flex Benefits!?

As we approach the end of the year, it’s a great time to remind our patients they may have benefits left that are in a use or loose status. Here’s a letter we like to use to remind them to use their benefits….and hopefully increase your last quarter profitability. Most of you already have software […]

Oct 27

Dentist Money™ Interview – People Who Make Your Practice

Perhaps nothing in dentistry is more important than surrounding yourself with the right people. It’s also one of the most difficult things to do. Hiring is never an exact science, firing is no picnic, and outsourcing can feel like a crapshoot. So how do you put together a winning team? In this Dentist Money™ interview, […]

Sep 21

No Show Equals No Respect

When a patient repeatedly cancels or no shows, what’s your policy? While that may sound like an easy question to some of you, in many offices we get pitiful looks from the front desk staff when a patient……who has repeatedly missed appointments…..insists on another 4PM or Saturday appointment. The pitiful look is because the office […]

Sep 21

Lions, Tigers and Employees, Oh My!!!

Almost every client we visit, every attendee at a study club, and every initial consult we meet asks if everyone has as much trouble with employees at they do. The answer we give is always a resounding “Yes!”, and then we do have to tell them that it will most probably always be that way. […]