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Nov 1

Thanksgiving, Christmas and…..Flex Benefits!?

As we approach the end of the year, it’s a great time to remind our patients they may have benefits left that are in a use or loose status. Here’s a letter we like to use to remind them to use their benefits….and hopefully increase your last quarter profitability. Most of you already have software that enables you to easily cut and paste this letter and add in any pertinent information such as benefits remaining on insurance.
(Patient name)
(Patient Address)
(Today’s Date)
Dear (Patient Name);
As we head into the month of November, many things are uppermost in our minds: The coming holidays, insurance benefits, flexible spending plans …
OK, maybe insurance benefits and flexible spending plans are not on the list, but they should be. We all work hard for our money, and these days we work just as hard to obtain and keep good benefits. This is why we need to be sure we get the maximum use out of the benefits we have. Both insurance and flexible spending plans are designed by your employer to help you maximize your healthcare dollars, but both need careful monitoring on your part because of their “use it or lose it” nature.
As you probably already know, your dental insurance plan works on a yearly maximum basis. Assuming you have a $1,000 yearly maximum, if you’ve had only cleanings and x-rays done this calendar year you still have hundreds of dollars of “money in the bank” until the end of the year. While you will get a new $1,000 to use starting Jan. 1, you will never be able to retroactively use the benefits you let escape this year.
This “money in the bank” concept applies in an even bigger way to your flexible spending plans (for those whose employers provide them). In these plans, you set aside your own money (in pre-tax dollars) to use for medical and dental co-pays. Again, as I’m sure you know, these pre-tax dollars go back to your employer if you do not use them. This is why we strongly encourage our patients to call us now (before our November and December schedules fill) to get started with any dental work you need to have done.
In these uncertain times, we never have a guarantee that this year’s benefits will remain unchanged next year. We want caring for your dental health to be as painless as possible in all ways, including financially.
We look forward to hearing from you very soon so we can get you ready to enter (Next Year) with great smiles and excellent dental health.
Dr.(Doctor Name) and Staff


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